All Bird
Ring Sizes

Species Ring Size
Adelaide Rosella P
African Grey Parrot V
African Wood Owl (including East) V
Alexandra’s Parakeet P
Alexandrine Parakeet T
Amboina King Parrot S
Antipodes Parakeet M
Argus Pheasant 22mm
Asian Brown Wood Owl X
Australian Crane 18mm
Australian King Parrot S
Avocet R
Aymara Parakeet L
Bare-eyed Cockatoo V
Bare-eyed Corella V
Bare-faced Go-away Bird S
Barnard’s Parakeet P
Barraband Parakeet P
Barred Parakeet M
Bengal Eagle Owl X
Black capped Conure N
Black Lory T
Black Parrot V
Black-billed Amazon V
Black-capped Conure N
Black-capped Lory T
Black-cheeked Lovebird M
Black-collared Lovebird M
Black-faced Lovebird M
Black-headed Caique S
Black-necked Crane 18mm
Black-tailed Conure N
Blood-eared Conure N
Blossom-headed Parakeet R
Blue & Gold Macaw W
Blue Crane 18mm
Blue Mountain Lory S
Blue-cheeked Amazon V
Blue-crowned Amazon V
Blue-crowned Conure S
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot L
Western/Blue-crowned Pigeon 18mm
Blue-eared Lorikeet L
Blue-eyed Cockatoo W
Blue-fronted Amazon V
Blue-headed Macaw U
Blue-headed Parakeet N
Blue-headed Pionus T
Blue-naped Parrot T
Blue-rumped Parrotlet L
Blue-throated Conure P
Blue-throated Macaw W
Blue-winged Conure N
Blue-winged Grass Parakeet L
Blue-winged Parakeet L
Blue-winged Parrotlet L
Bluebonnet N
Bodins Amazon V
Bolivian Blue-fronted Amazon V
Boobook Owl V
Bourkes Parakeet L
Bronze-winged Pionus T
Brown Parrot R
Brown-eared Conure P
Brown-headed Parrot R
Brown-necked Parrot V
Brown-throated Conure P
Budgerigar M
Buffons Macaw X
Burrowing Owl T
Caatinga Conure P
Cactus Conure P
Canary-winged Parakeet M
Caninde Macaw W
Cape Parrot U
Cardinal Lory S
Caribbean Conure P
Catalina Macaw W
Channel Billed Toucan V
Chapman’s Conure T
Chapman’s Mealy Amazon V
Chattering Lory R
Cherry-headed Conure s
Citron-crested Cockatoo U
Cloncurry Parakeet P
Cobalt-winged Parakeet N
Cockatiel N & FC1
Collared Scops Owl T
Common Crane 18mm
Common Parrotlet L
Congo African Grey V
Coral-billed Pionus T
Crimson bellied Conure N
Crimson Rosella P
Crimson-bellied Conure N
Crimson-bellied Conure. N
Crimson-winged Parakeet R
Crowned Crane Z & 20mm
Cuban Amazon U
Demerara Conure N
Demoiselle Crane 14mm
Deplanche’s Lorikeet S
Derbyan Parakeet T
Diademed Amazon V
Double Yellow-headed Amazon V
Ducorps’s Cockatoo V
Dufresne’s Amazon V
Duivenbode’s Lory T
Dusky Lory R
Dusky Pionus S
Dusky-headed Conure P
Duyvenbode’s Lory S
Eastern Common Crane 14mm
Eastern Long-billed Corella V
Eastern Rosella N
Eclectus Parrot V
Edward’s Lorikeet S
Elegant Parakeet L
Ferruginous Pygmy Owl R
Ferruginous Hawk X & Y
Festive Amazon V
Fiery-shouldered Conure N
Finsch’s Amazon U
Finsch’s Conure S
Fischer’s Lovebird M
Fischer’s Turaco S
Forsten’s Lorikeet S
Galah T & U
Gang Gang Cockatoo V
Goffin’s Cockatoo U
Golden Conure T
Golden-capped Conure S
Golden-mantled Rosella P & FC1
Goldie’s Lorikeet N
Great Green Macaw X & Y
Great Grey Owl X
Great-billed Parrot V
Greater Hill Mynah S
Greater Sulphur C. Cockatoo W
Greater Vasa Parrot W
Green Hanging Parrot L
Green-cheeked Amazon V
Green-cheeked Conure N
Green-fronted Hanging Parrot L
Green-naped Lorikeet S
Green-rumped Parrotlet L
Green-thighed Caique S
Green-winged King Parakeet V
Green-winged Macaw X
Grey-cheeked Parakeet M
Grey-crowned Crane 14mm
Grey-hooded Parakeet L
Gyr Falcon (M) W & (F) X
Hahns Macaw S
Harlequin Macaw W
Harris Hawk W
Hartlaub Turaco S & 8mm
Hawk Owl V
Hawk-headed Parrot U
Hispaniolan Amazon U
Hooded Crane 14mm
Hooded Parrot M
Horned Parakeet P
Hyacinth Macaw Y
Illiger’s Macaw T
Indian (formerly Bengal) Eagle Owl Y
Indian Hanging Parrot L
Indian Ringneck Parakeet S
Indian Scops Owl S
Iris Lorikeet N
Red-crowned Crane 21mm
Jardine’s Parrot T
Jenday Conure P
Kakariki M
Kea V
Lady Ross’s Turaco T
Leadbeater’s Cockatoo U
Lesser Patagonian Conure S
Lesser Sulphur C. Cockatoo U
Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo U
Lesser Vasa Parrot V
Lilac-breasted Roller N
Lilac-crowned Amazon U
Lilacine Amazon V
Lineolated Parakeet M
Little Owl R
Long-eared Owl U
Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon P & 6mm & FC1
M. S. C. Cockatoo V
Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo U
Malabar Parakeet S
Malaysian Hanging Parrot L
Maroon-bellied Conure N
Masked Lovebird M
Maximilian’s Pionus T
Mealy Amazon V
Mexican Striped Owl Y
Mealy Rosella N
Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo V
Mexican Parrotlet L
Meyer’s Lorikeet N
Meyer’s Parrot R
Military Macaw W
Mitred Conure T
Moluccan Cockatoo W
Moluccan Hanging Parrot L
Monk Parakeet P
Mountain Parakeet K
Moustached Parakeet S
Mulga Parrot M
Musk Lorikeet N
Nanday Conure P
Noble’s Macaw S & 8mm
Northern Eagle Owl Z
Northern Hawk Owl V
Northern Rosella N
Ochre-marked Conure P
Orange-fronted Hanging Parrot L
Orange-winged Amazon U
Painted Conure N
Palm Cockatoo W
Panama Amazon V
Papuan Lorikeet (Stella’s) 5.5mm
Paradise Crane 18mm
Patagonian Conure S
Peach-faced Lovebird M
Peach-fronted Conure P
Pearly Conure N
Pearly Conure. N
Pennant Rosella P & FC1
Pesquet’s Parrot W
Philippine Cockatoo W
Plum-headed Parakeet R
Ring-neck Australian Parrot P
Primrose Cheeked Amazon V
Princess of Wales Parakeet P
Quaker Parakeet P
Queen of Bavaria Conure T
Rainbow Lory S
Raven W
Red Billed Toucan V
Red Rosella N
Red Spectacled Amazon V
Red Tailed Amazon V
Red-bellied Macaw T
Red-bellied Parrot R
Red-browed Amazon V
Red-capped Parrot S (Amazon)
Black Eagle Z & Za
Red-crested Turaco S
Red-crowned Amazon V
Red-fronted Amazon V
Red-fronted Macaw V
Red-lored Amazon V
Red-masked Conure S
Red-necked Amazon V
Red-rumped Parrot M
Red-shouldered Macaw S
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo W
Red-throated Amazon V
Red-vented Cockatoo U
Redwing K
Ring-necked Parakeet S
Rock Pebbler R
Rose-breasted Cockatoo T & U
Rose-crowned Conure N
Rose-ringed Parakeet S
Roseate Cockatoo T & U
Rufous Legged Owl W
Ruppell’s Parrot R
Salmon-crested Cockatoo W
Salvin’s Amazon V
Sandhill Crane 18mm
Sarus Crane 21mm
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet M
Scarlet Macaw W
Senegal Parrot R
Severe Macaw V
Shell Parakeet M
Short-eared Owl U
Siberian Crane 18mm
Siberian Eagle Owl (including East) Z
Slaty-headed Parakeet P
Slender-billed Cockatoo V
Snowy Owl Z
Souancei’s Conure N
Spectacled Amazon T
Spectacled Owl X
Spectacled Parrotlet L
Splendid Grass Parakeet L
African Spotted Eagle Owl W
St. Lucia Amazon V
St. Vincent’s Amazon V
Stanley Crane 18mm
Striped Owl (including Peruvian) W
Sun Conure P
Swainson’s Lorikeet S
Swift Parrot M
Tanimbar Cockatoo U
Tawny Owl U
Thick-billed Parrot U
Timneh African Grey U
Timor Cockatoo U
Toco Toucan X
Triton Cockatoo W
Tropical Screech Owl S
Tucuman Amazon U
Turquoisine Parakeet L
Twenty-eight Parakeet P
Umbrella Cockatoo W
Ural Owl X
Victoria Crowned Pigeon 18mm
Vinaceous Amazon V
Violet Turaco T
Wagler’s Conure T
Wagler’s Macaw W
Wattled Crane 18mm
Weber’s Lorikeet S
Weddell’s Conure P
Western Corella V
Western Long-billed Corella V
Western Rosella M
Western Screech Owl U
White Cockatoo W
White Faced Scops Owl T
White Naped Crane 18mm
White-bellied Caique S
White-breasted Conure N
White-capped Pionus T
White-cheeked Turaco S
White-crested Cockatoo W
White-crested Turaco S
White-eared Conure N
White-eyed Conure R
White-fronted Amazon T
White-tailed Black Cockatoo W
White-winged Parakeet N
Whooping Crane 18mm
Wonga Pigeon 8mm
Yellow-backed Chattering Lory T
Yellow-winged Amazon V
Yellow-bibbed Lory R
Yellow-billed Amazon V
Yellow-cheeked Amazon V
Yellow-cheeked Conure R
Yellow-collared Lory R
Yellow-collared Macaw U
Yellow-crowned Amazon V
Yellow-faced Amazon U
Yellow-fronted Amazon V
Yellow-fronted Parakeet M
Yellow-fronted Woodpecker J
Yellow-headed Amazon V
Yellow-lored Amazon V
Yellow-naped Amazon V
Yellow-naped Macaw T
Yellow-shouldered Amazon V
Yellow-streaked Lory S & T
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo W
Yellow-thighed Caique S
Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot M
Lanner Falcon W
Red-collared Lorikeet R & 7.04mm
White-eared Conure. N
Cape Parrot. U
Belize Yellow-headed Amazon V
Bali Starling N
White-tailed Jay P
Brazilian Grey-breasted Conure N
Yellow-sided Conure N
Yellow-naped Amazon V
Pacific Parrotlet M
Abyssinian (Black-winged) Lovebird N
Chilean Flamingo 17mm & 16mm
American Flamingo Z (above knee)
Yellow Rosella N
Amazon x V
Lovebird M
Blue-bonnet Parakeet N
Ashey-faced Barn Owl V
Waxwing K
Red-capped Cardinal L
Conure N
Eurasian Eagle Owl Z
Eurasian Pigmy Owl R
Eurasian Scops Owl R
Red-tailed Hawk (M) X & (F) Y
Moszkowski’s Green-winged King Parrot S
White Eared Pheasant 14mm
Golden Eagle Za
Pearl Spotted Owl R
Rusty Barred Owl V
Pileated Parakeet N
Black Swan (M) 24mm & (F) 22mm
Costa Rica Mealy Amazon V
Domestic Pigeon 9mm & FC4
Steppe Eagle Z
Great Grey Owl. X
Green Rosella N
White-tailed Sea Eagle Zb
Emerald Starling M
Chinese Eurasian Eagle Owl Z
Saker Falcon W
Red-crested Cardinal L
Spreo Starling M
Purple Glossy Starling N & FC1
East African Crowned Crane 18mm
Common Buzzard W
Swan (M) 24mm & (F) 22mm
Obi Violet-necked Lory R
Whooper Swan Zb
Red-breasted Goose 12mm
Lesser White-fronted Goose 13mm
Cabot’s Tragopan 14mm
Mute Swan FC11 & Zb & 27mm
Argentina Conure N
Red-tailed Buzzard X
Pallid Caique S
Andaman Island Parakeet S
Greater Yellow Headed Amazon V
Peregrine Falcon (M) V & (F) W
Magellanic Owl Z
Canadian Great Horned Owl Z
White-collared Kingfisher M
Red-billed Blue Magpie M
Striated Scops Owl S
Malaysian Fishing Owl X
Milky Eagle Owl Z
Pharaoh Eagle Owl Y
Black-winged Stilt T
Emerald Lorikeet M
Red-topped Amazon V
Azure-winged Magpie M
Malaysian Wood Owl X
Honduras Yellow-headed Amazon V
Great Horned Owl Z
Duck Fulvous Whistling-Duck V & 11mm
Rothschild’s Peacock Pheasant 10mm
Aru Red-sided Eclectus Parrot V
Cornelia’s Eclectus Parrot V
Yellow-throated Laughing Thrush M
Red Kite W
Mexican Green Macaw W
Eagle Owl Z
White-crested Laughing Thrush P & FC1
Greater Kestrel S
Tres Marias Amazon V
Nuthatch G
Alti Saker Falcon W
Turkmenian Eagle Owl Z
Madagascar Turtle Dove P & 6mm
Yellow-faced Mynah S & T
Lutino Ring-necked Parakeet S
Blue Ring-necked Parakeet S
Blue Quaker Parrot P
Albino Cockatiel P & FC1
Dusky Conure P
Common Mynah Bird P
Mexican Red-headed Amazon V
Pink-backed Pelican 18mm
Brown Pelican 20mm
Antwerp Roller Canary G
Belgian Fancy Canary E
Belgian Roller Canary G
Border Canary J
Bossu Canary J
Crested Canary J
Dutch Frills Canary J
Fife Canary (Wegen) E
Florin Frill Canary J
German Roller Canary E
Gloster Canary (Consort) E
Gloster Canary (Corona) E
Hart Mountain Canary G
Harz Roller Canary G
Irish Fancy Canary E
Lancashire Canary J
Lizard Canary G
Malindis Canary G
Miniature Canary E
New Colour Canary G
North Dutch Frill Canary J
Norwich Canary J
Parisian Frill Canary J
Plainhead Canary J
Red Factor Canary G
Roller Canary G
Satinettes Canary G
Scotch Fancy Canary E
Scottish Canary J
Stafford Canary G
Wassershlager Canary G
Waterlager Canary G
Yorkshire Canary J
Avocet R
Duck Abyssinian Black V
Duck Abyssinian Yellowbill 12mm
Duck African Black V & 11mm
Duck African Maccoa V & 11mm
Duck African White Backed V & 11mm
Duck African Yellowbill V & 11mm
Duck Alian Blue-billed V & 11mm
Duck American Eider 13mm
Duck Andean Crested 13mm
Duck Argentine Red Shoveler 10mm
Duck Argentine Ruddy V & 11mm
Duck Atlantic Harlequin V & 11mm
Duck Australian Black V & 11mm
Australian Shelduck 16mm
Duck Australian Shoveler 10mm
Duck Australian Wandering Whistling 12mm
Duck Australian White Eye V & 11mm
Duck Australian Wood V & 11mm
Duck Aylesbury Z & 20mm
Duck Baer’s Pochard V & 11mm
Duck Bahama Pintail R & 7mm
Duck Banks Island White Eye V & 11mm
Duck Black Backed Rajah Shelduck 12mm
Duck Black Billed 13mm
Duck Black Headed V & 11mm
Duck Blue or Mountain V & 11mm
Duck Bronze-winged 13mm
Duck Brown Pintail or Chilean 9mm
Duck Burma Spotbill V & 11mm
Duck Call V & 11mm
Duck Cape 10mm
South African or Cape Shelduck 14mm & Wa
Duck Cape Teal 9mm
Duck Carolina T & 9mm
Duck Chilean 9mm
Duck Chinese Spotbill 12mm
Duck Columbian Ruddy 10mm
Duck Comb (Male) 16mm
Duck Comb (Female) 14mm
Duck Common 13mm
Duck Common White-eye 10mm
Duck Coues’s Gadwall 10mm
Duck Crested Shelduck 16mm
Duck Cuban Whistling 13mm
Duck East Indian Wandering Whistling V & 11mm
Duck Easter Hartlaub’s V & 11mm
Duck Eatons Pintail 9mm
Duck Eider 14mm
Duck European Eider 13mm
Duck European Scaup 10mm
Duck European Shelduck X & 15mm
Duck Eyton’s Whistling V & 11mm
Duck Faeroe Eider 12mm
Duck Falkland Island Flightless Steamer Z & 20mm
Duck Ferruginous 10mm
Duck Spectacled or Fischer’s Eider 11mm
Duck Florida V & 11mm
Duck Flying Steamer 18mm
Duck Freckled V & 11mm
Duck Gabon Black V & 11mm
Duck Gadwall 10mm
Duck Galapagos Pintail 9mm
Duck Garanay 7mm
Duck Greenland Mallard 12mm
Duck Hardhead V & 11mm
Duck Hawaiian 9mm
Duck Hottentot Teal 7mm
Duck Indian 10mm
Duck Indian Runner V & 11mm & FC5
Duck Indian Spotbill 12mm
Duck Java Whistling 10mm
Duck Kerguelen or Eaton’s Pintail 9mm
Duck Khaki Campbell (Male) 13mm & FC6
Duck Khaki Campbell (Female) 11mm & FC5
Duck King Eider 13mm
Duck Laysan U & 10mm
Duck Lesser Indian 10mm
Duck Lesser scaup 9mm
Duck Lesser Wandering Whistling 12mm
Duck Long Tailed U
Duck Madagascar White-backed 10mm
Duck Magellanic Flightless Steamer 20mm
Duck Mallard 12mm
Pigeon Altenburg Trumpeters 8mm & FC3
Pigeon American Domestic 8mm & FC3
Pigeon American Show Racer 10mm
Pigeon American Show Roller R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Antwerp Smerles T & 9mm
Pigeon Antwerps V & 11mm
Pigeon Arabian Laughers R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Archangels 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Argovian White Tail T & 9mm
Pigeon Ashy Wood R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Australian Crested R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Bagadais U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Band Tailed R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Band Tailed Tumblers R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Barb 9mm
Pigeon Bare-eyed R & 7mm & FC3
Pigeon Berlin Tumbler 8mm & FC4
Pigeon Bernburg W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Berne Swiss S & 8mm & FC4
Pigeon Birmingham Rollers R & 7mm
Pigeon Bleeding Heart P & 6mm
Pigeon Blue Crowned 18mm
Pigeon Bohemian Saddle Pouter T & 9mm
Pigeon Bohemian Swallows W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Bokhara (Russian) W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Brunner Pouter R & 7mm
Pigeon Budapest Tumblers R & 7mm
Pigeon Bull Head S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Carneaux 10mm
Pigeon Carrier 10mm
Pigeon Cauchois 9mm
Pigeon Chinese Owls 8mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Ice 8mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Monks S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Priests 8mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Shields T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Short-faced Tumbler R & 7mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Spots T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Clean-legged White Tail S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Clean-legged Blazeface S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Colour Tail Owls S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Cresents V & 11mm
Pigeon Crested P & 6mm
Pigeon Cumulets 7mm
Pigeon Damascenes T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Danish Goldfinch S & 8mm
Pigeon Danish Tumblers 8mm
Pigeon Danzig Highflyers R & 7mm
Pigeon Domestic Flight (Flying) 8mm
Pigeon Dragoons 10mm
Pigeon Dresden W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Dutch Beauty Homer T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Dutch Frills T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Dutch Turbits 9mm
Pigeon Egyptian Swift 8mm
Pigeon Eichbuhler T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Elster 8mm
Pigeon English R & 7mm
Pigeon English Owls U & 9.5mm
Pigeon English Pouters V & 11mm
Pigeon English Trumpeters W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Exhibition V & 11mm
Pigeon Exhibition Flying Tipplers S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Fairy W & 12.62mm
Pigeon Fantail 8mm
Pigeon Feral (British Bird) T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Flying Tipplers R & 7mm
Pigeon Franconian Trumpeters S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Frillbacks 10mm
Pigeon Garden Fantail T & 8mm NPA
Pigeon Genuine Homers 9mm
Pigeon German Beauty Homers 10mm
Pigeon German Croppers V & 11mm
Pigeon German Shield Owls 8mm
Pigeon German Trumpeters W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Gimpels S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Grouse-legged German Tumblers T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Grouse-legged Short-faced Tumbler S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Guillemot T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Half Beak T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Hamburg Schimmel T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Hellstorks R & 7mm
Pigeon Helmet R & 7mm
Pigeon Holle Croppers 8mm
Pigeon Homing S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Horseman 9mm NPA
Pigeon Hungarian Tape Runts V & 11mm
Pigeon Hyacinths S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Ice W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Indian Fantails V & 11mm
Pigeon Jacobins 8mm
Pigeon Keckskemeter Tumblers R & 7mm
Pigeon Kin V & 11mm
Pigeon Konigsburg Colour heads U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Kormorner Tumblers R & 7mm
Pigeon Lahores V & 11mm
Pigeon Laurel R & 7mm
Pigeon Lucerne Swiss (All varieties) 9mm
Pigeon Magpies 9mm
Pigeon Maltese V & 11mm
Pigeon Marchenero Cropper S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Maroon-breasted Ground 18mm NPA
Pigeon Martham T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Mausers R & 7mm
Pigeon Modena 9mm
Pigeon Mondains V & 11mm
Pigeon Mookees 8mm
Pigeon Moorhead C.L. S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Muffed English long-faced Tumbler 10mm
Pigeon Muffed Ice V & 11mm
Pigeon Muffed Rollers V & 11mm
Pigeon Muffed Helmets V & 11mm
Pigeon Naked Necks S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Nicobar 10mm NPA
Pigeon Norwegian Tumbler Kings V & 11mm
Pigeon Norwich T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Nuns 8mm
Pigeon Nuremburg Larks 7mm
Pigeon Nuremburg Swallows U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Old Dutch Capuchines 8mm
Pigeon Old Dutch Croppers 13mm
Pigeon Old Dutch Tumblers V & 11mm
Pigeon Old German Moorhead V & 11mm
Pigeon Olive 8mm NPA
Pigeon Oriental Frills 10mm
Pigeon Oriental Rollers 8mm
Pigeon Oriental Turbits T & 8.7mm
Pigeon orliks (Large) T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Parlour Tumblers/Rollers R & 7mm
Pigeon Picazuro 8mm NPA
Pigeon Pigmy Pouters 8mm
Pigeon Plumbeous 7mm NPA
Pigeon Polish Krymka U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Polish Krymski T & 8.7mm
Buzzard Black Honey V
Buzzard Common W
Buzzard Honey V
Buzzard Long-legged W
Buzzard Red-tailed X
Buzzard Rough-legged W
Bustard Houbara W & FC6
Pigeon Polish Lynx 9mm
Pigeon Polish Orliks R & 7mm
Pigeon Polish Srebrniak R & 7mm
Pigeon Polish Staropole T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Pomeranian W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Priests V & 11mm
Pigeon Ptarmigan Coburg Larks 10mm
Pigeon Racing 9mm
Pigeon Red-billed R & 7mm
Pigeon Red-necked 8mm
Pigeon Reinwardt’s long-tailed 9mm
Pigeon Reversewing Croppers W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Rock R & 7mm
Pigeon Roller R & 7mm
Pigeon Rufous R & 7mm
Pigeon Runts V & 11mm
Pigeon Rzhev R & 7mm
Pigeon Saxon Monks V & 11mm
Pigeon Saxon Moon V & 11mm
Pigeon Saxon Pouters W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Saxon Spots W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Scaled R & 7mm
Pigeon Scandaroons 10mm
Pigeon Schalkaldener Moorhead V & 11mm
Pigeon Shields V & 11mm
Pigeon Short-faced Tumbler R & 7mm
Pigeon Show Homers 10mm
Pigeon Silesian W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Slenk S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Spaniards U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Speckled R & 7mm
Pigeon Srebrniak 8mm
Pigeon Stargard Shakers S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Starling S & 7.6mm
Pigeon Steiger T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Storks W & 12.6mm
Pigeon Stralsund Highflyers R & 7mm
Pigeon Strassers 10mm
Pigeon Suabian 8mm
Pigeon Swifts U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Swiss Poster Berne/Halbschnabler T & 8.7mm
Pigeon Swiss Variety U & 9.5mm
Pigeon Syrian Dewlaps 9mm
Pigeon Syrian Swifts 8mm
Pigeon Thurgau T or 8.7mm
Pigeon Thuringian Croppers T or 8.7mm
Pigeon Thuringian Swallows T or 8.7mm
Pigeon Thuringian Whitebibs U or 9.5mm
Pigeon Thuringian Whiteheads U or 9.5mm
Pigeon Timor Black R or 7mm
Pigeon Tippler R or 7mm
Pigeon Tumbler R or 7mm
Pigeon Turbits 8mm
Pigeon Valencia Cropper S or 7.6mm
Pigeon Victoria Crowned 18mm
Pigeon Viennese Gansel R or 7mm
Pigeon Viennese Short-faced Tumblers R or 7mm
Pigeon Viennese Tumblers R or 7mm
Pigeon Voorburg Shield Croppers 8mm
Pigeon West of England Tumblers V
Pigeon White-crowned R or 7mm
Pigeon Whitetails V or 11mm
Pigeon Wolverhampton Tumblers R or 7mm
Pigeon Wonga 8mm NPA
Pigeon Wood S or 7.6mm
Pigeon Zamoyskis S or 7.6mm
Pigeon Zurich Whitetail U or 9.5mm
Eagle Black or Verreaux’s Z – Za
Eagle Golden Za
Eagle Owl Z
Eagle Owl European Z
Eagle Steppe Z
Eagle Tawny Z
Eagle White-tailed Sea Zb & 26mm
Falcon Barbary (Male) V
Falcon Barbary (Female) W
Falcon Brown 9.5mm
Falcon Gyr (Male) W
Falcon Gyr (Female) X
Falcon Hobby Hawk (Male) R
Falcon Hobby Hawk (Female) S
Falcon Lanner W
Falcon Lugger W
Falcon New Zealand (Male) U
Falcon New Zealand (Female) V
Falcon Peregrine (Male) V
Falcon Peregrine (Female) W
Falcon Prarie W
Falcon Saker or Arabian W
Falcon Sooty (Male) R
Falcon Sooty (Female) S
Finch African Firefinch C
Finch African Silverbill C
Finch Alario E
Finch American Goldfinch C
Finch American Purple E
Finch Aurora C
Finch Austrian Beautiful C
Finch Bamboo Parrot C
Finch Bell Vireos C
Finch Bengalese (or Society) E
Finch Bicheno A
Finch Billed Bulbul K
Finch Chaffinch Blue
Finch Cherry C
Finch Chestnut M
Finch Chestnut Breasted D
Finch Chestnut Crested D
Finch Chinese Greenfinch E
Finch Combassous C
Finch Cordon Bleu B
Finch Crimson Pileated B
Finch Cuban B
Finch Cut Throat or Bishops C
Finch Double-barred & A
Finch Diamond Firetail E
Finch Fire C
Finch Galpagos Tool-using
Finch Gold-breasted A
Finch Gouldian C
Finch Grass D
Finch Green Himalayan E
Finch Green Singing C
Finch Green-winged Pytila C
Finch Grenadier
Finch Grey Singing C
Finch Hecks Grassfinch C
Finch Himalayan Greenfinch E
Finch House (American) C
Finch Hulfinch J
Finch Jackarini C
Finch Japanese Hawfinch N
Finch Lady Wilson or Mr’s Wilson
Finch Lavender B
Finch Locust
Finch long-tailed Grassfinch C
Finch Luncos Cardina
Finch Mascot Finch or Common Spice Bird C
Finch Masked Grassfinch D
Finch Masked Hawfinch Chinese M
Finch Masked Hawfinch Japanese N
Finch Melba C
Finch Mexican House G
Finch Mexican Rose C
Finch Hooded Siskin C
Finch Munia (Family)
Finch New Zealand Rifleman
Finch Nutmeg or Spice C
Finch Orange Breast C
Finch Orange-cheeked A
Finch Painted C
Finch Pallas’ Rose G
Finch Parrot C
Finch Parson C
Finch Pectoralis E
Finch Pintailed Parrot C
Finch Plum-headed E
Finch Purple C
Finch Pytilia Green C
Finch Pytilia Red G
Finch Pytilia Red-winged (or Aurora) C
Finch Quail
Finch Quelea or Red-billed Weaver
Finch Red-headed Weaver
Finch Red-billed Weaver
Finch Red-headed Parrot D
Finch Rice
Finch Saffron G
Finch Silverbill C
Finch Indian Silverbill C
Finch Sparrow Diamond E
Finch Splendour C
Finch Star C
Finch Strawberry C
Finch Avadavat C
Finch Tiger C
Finch Yellow-rump Mannikin C
Finch Yellow-rumped D
Finch Zebra E
Finch Waxbill B
Poultry Ancona (Male) 18mm
Poultry Ancona (Female) 16mm
Poultry Andalusian (Male) 18mm
Poultry Andalusian (Female) 16mm
Poultry Appenzeller (Male) 16mm
Poultry Appenzeller (Female) 13mm
Poultry Araucana (Male & Female) 16mm
Poultry Asil (Male) 22mm
Poultry Asil (Female) 18mm
Poultry Australorp (Male) 22mm
Poultry Australorp (Female) 18mm
Poultry Barnevelder (Male) 22mm
Poultry Barnevelder (Female 18mm
Poultry Brahma (Male & Female) 27mm
Poultry Buff Orpington (Male) 24mm
Poultry Buff Orpington (Female) 22mm
Poultry Campine (Male) 16mm
Poultry Campine (Female) 13mm
Poultry Cochin (Male & Female) 27mm
Poultry Creve Coeur (Male) 18mm
Poultry Creve Coeur (Female) 16mm
Poultry Crooad Langshan (Male) 24mm
Poultry Crooad Langshan (Female) 20mm
Poultry Derbyshire Redcap (Male) 20mm
Poultry Derbyshire Redcap (Female) 18mm
Poultry Dorking (Male) 22mm
Poultry Dorking (Female) 20mm
Poultry Faverolles (Male) 24mm
Poultry Faverolles (Female) 20mm
Poultry Frizzle (Male) 18mm
Poultry Frizzle (Female) 16mm
Poultry Hamburg (Male) 16mm
Poultry Hamburg (Female) 13mm
Poultry Houdan (Male 20mm
Poultry Houdan (Female) 16mm
Poultry Indian & Jubilee Game (Male) 27mm
Poultry Indian & Jubilee Game (Female) 24mm
Poultry Ixwotth (Male) 22mm
Poultry Ixwotth (Female) 18mm
Poultry Jersey Giant (Male) 24mm
Poultry Jersey Giant (Female) 20mm
Poultry Kraienkoppe (Male) 20mm
Poultry Kraienkoppe (Female) 18mm
Poultry La Fleche (Male) 18mm
Poultry La Fleche (Female) 16mm
Poultry Lakenvelder (Male & Female) 16mm
Poultry Leghorn (Male) 20mm
Poultry Leghorn (Female) 18mm
Poultry Malay (Male) 27mm
Poultry Malay (Female) 22mm
Poultry Marans (Male) 20mm
Poultry Marans (Female) 18mm
Poultry Marsh Daisy (Male) 18mm
Poultry Marsh Daisy (Female) 16mm
Poultry Minorca (Male) 20mm
Poultry Minorca (Female) 18mm
Poultry Modern Game (Male) 18mm
Poultry Modern Game (Female) 16mm
Poultry Modern Langshan (Male) 22mm
Poultry Modern Langshan (Female) 18mm
Poultry New Hampshire Red (Male) 22mm
Poultry New Hampshire Red (Female) 18mm
Poultry Norfolk Grey (Male) 18mm
Poultry Norfolk Grey (Female) 16mm
Poultry North Holland Blue (Male) 22mm
Poultry North Holland Blue (Female) 18mm
Poultry Old English Game (Male) 18mm
Poultry Old English Game (Female) 16mm
Poultry Old English Pheasant (Male) 20mm
Poultry Old English Pheasant (Female) 18mm
Poultry Orloff (Male) 20mm
Poultry Orloff (Female) 18mm
Poultry Orpington-Blue & Black (Male) 22mm
Poultry Orpington-Blue & Black (Female) 20mm
Poultry Plymouth Rock (Male) 22mm
Poultry Plymouth Rock (Female) 18mm
Poultry Polish (Male & Female) 16mm
Poultry Rhode Island Red (Male) 22mm
Poultry Rhode Island Red (Female) 18mm
Poultry Scots Dumpy (Male) 22mm
Poultry Scots Dumpy (Female) 20mm
Poultry Scots Grey (Male) 20mm
Poultry Scots Grey (Female) 18mm
Poultry Shamo (Male) 24mm
Poultry Shamo (Female) 22mm
Poultry Sicilian Buttercup (Male) 18mm
Poultry Sicilian Buttercup (Female) 16mm
Poultry Silkie (Male & Female) 16mm
Poultry Spanish (Male) 18mm
Poultry Spanish (Female) 16mm
Poultry Sultan (Male) 18mm
Poultry Sultan (Female) 16mm
Poultry Sumatra Game (Male) 18mm
Poultry Sumatra Game (Female) 16mm
Poultry Sussex (Male) 22mm
Poultry Sussex (Female) 18mm
Poultry Trans Naked Neck (Male) 20mm
Poultry Trans Naked Neck (Female) 18mm
Poultry Vorwerk (Male) 18mm
Poultry Vorwerk (Female) 16mm
Poultry Welsummer (Male) 20mm
Poultry Welsummer (Female) 18mm
Poultry Wyandotte (Male) 22mm
Poultry Wyandotte (Female) 18mm
Poultry Yokohama (Male) 16mm
Poultry Yokohama (Female) 13mm
Poultry Gamefowl Large Old English 18mm
Goldcrest A
Pigeon Golden Heart 6mm NPA & P
Finch Siberian E
Finch Hawfinch British K
Finch Hawfinch Chinese Masked M
Finch Hawfinch Japanese Masked N
Goshawk (Male) V
Goshawk (Female) W
Poultry Light Sussex (Male) 16mm
Poultry Light Sussex (Female) 14mm
Bishops (Orange Weaverbird) G
Weaver Cape G
Weaver Napoleon C
Royal Starling N
Amethyst Starling or Violet-backed M
Bullfinch (Siberian) G
Barbary Dove P & 6mm NPA
Fancy Pigeon 8mm NPA
Redstart C
Sierra Parakeet L
Brambling C
Linnet C2
Java Sparrow K
Japenese Hoso canary E
Pigeon German Schimmel 9mm
Diamond Dove L
Venezulian Red Hooded Siskin C
Makinders Eagle Owl X
Marsh Owl U
Pallid Scops Owl S
Tengmans Owl T
Bald Eagle (M) Za & (F) Za
Yellow Hammer D
Firecrest A
Chiffchaff A
Wren A
Tree Creeper A
Willow Warbler A
Lesser Redpoll B
Dartford Warbler B
Serin C
Coal Tit B
Long-tailed Tit B
Pied Flycatcher B
Spotted Flycatcher B
Wood Warbler B
Lesser Whitethroat C
Blue Tit C
Marsh Tit C
Willow Tit C
Creasted Tit C
Stella’s Lorikeet P
Red-flanked lory M
Grey Partridge 7.5 mm
Dove Senegal N
Madagascar Teal 8mm & 9mm
Greylag Goose Z
Peafowl Z
Turtle Dove P & 6mm
Greater Patagonian Conure T
Great Blue Turaco V
Oriental Bay Owl V
African Barn Owl U
African Grass Owl X
African Marsh Owl U
Aharoni’s Eagle Owl Y
American Barn Owl V
Asian Barred Owl S
Barred Owl W
Bay Owl W
Brown Fish Owl X
Brown Hawk Owl V
Buffy Fish Owl X
Chaco Owl W
Greyish Eagle Owl W
Lapland Owl X
Mackinder’s Eagle Owl X
Ptilopsis leucotis T
N & S White-faced Owl T
Saw-whet Owl S
Pekin Robin J
Skua 11mm
Skua 13mm
Ko Shamo Bantam (M) W & (F) X
Australian Dove 7mm NPA
Australian Pigeon 7mm NPA
Quail – Italian Jumbo 4.5mm & M
Japanese or Coturnix Quail R & 7mm
Ruddy Quail-Dove N
Sunda Scops Owl S
Bruces’s Fruit Pigeon S & 8mm
Crested Screamer (Male) 19mm
Crested Screamer (Female) 16mm
Chinese Painted Quail L
Corn Bunting J
Chinese Bulbul B
Red-eared Bulbul K
Red-vented Bulbul L
White-vented Bulbul J
Red-eyed Bulbul J
Red-whiskered Bulbul K
Cirl Bunting D
Indigo Buntiing E
Lapland Bunting E
Lazuli Bunting G
Indigo Bunting E
Painted Bunting E
Red-headed Bunting G
Snow Bunting G
Duck Canvasback V
Duck Pochard V
Carrion Crow U
Owl Finch A
Duck Muscovy Y & 16mm
Orange-cheeked Waxbill A
Red-eared Waxbill A
Gold-breasted Waxbill A
Cordon Bleu B
Lavender Finch B
Fire Finch B
Harris Hawk W
Smew U & 9.45mm
Hooded Merganser U & 9.45mm
Bonnelli Eagle (Male) Y
Bonnelli Eagle (Female) Z
Crested Pigeon P
Collared Dove P
Emerald Dove Ma
Aplomado Falcon (Male) T
Aplomado Falcon (Female) U
Black-breasted Thrush M
Grey-backed Thrush M
American Kestrel R
Tasman Rosella P
Redshank P & 6mm
Wigeon FC4 & 9mm & T
African Goshawk U
Coopers Hawk U
Parrot Crossbill Finch J
Red Grouse FC4
Black Grouse FC4
Red/Black Grouse FC4
Magpie Mannikin E
Accentor Alpine Dunnock G
Accentor Siberian G
Albatross Laysan Wa & FC7
Albatross Z & FC10
Duck American Goldeneye V & 11mm
Ani Greater P & FC1
Asiatic Gooseander FC6 & 13mm
Rhinoceros Auklet FC3 & 8mm
Ringed Teal 8mm
Ebden Goose FC10
Grass Parakeets L
Beautiful Fruit Pigeon 5.5mm
Coronet Fruit Pigeon 5.5mm
Pink-crowned Fruit Pigeon 5.5mm
Superb Fruit Pigeon 6.5mm
Black-naped Fruit Pigeon 6.5mm
Wompoo Fruit Pigeon 8.00mm
Pink-headed Fruit Pigeon 7.00mm
Laughing Dove N
Speckled Dove R or 7mm
Stock Dove R or 7mm
African Wood Pigeon 8mm
Pink-bellied Turtle Dove 6 mm
Eastern Turtle Dove 6mm
Javanese Collard Dove 6mm
Collard Dove 6mm
African Collard Dove 6mm
Mourning Collard Dove 6mm
Red-eyed Dove 6mm
Ring-necked Dove 6mm
Vinaceous Dove 5.5mm
Red-collard Dove 5.5mm
Spotted Dove 6mm
European Kestrel S
Lemon Dove P
Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove R
Pink-breasted Cuckoo Dove P
Large Brown Cuckoo Dove 9mm
Lesser Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove P
Little Coockoo Dove P
Lesser Bar-tailed Coockoo Dove P
Pink Breasted Coockoo Dove P
Lemon Dove P
Little Coockoo Dove P
Reinwardt’s Long-tailed Pigeon 9mm
Timor Black Pigeon R
Green-spotted Wood Dove 4.5mm
Black-billed Wood Dove 4.5mm
Blue Spotted Wood Dove 4.5mm
Tambourine Dove N
Blue-headed Wood Dove 5.5mm
Masked Dove(Namaqua Dove) 3.5mm
Green-winged Dove 5.5mm
Pekin Bantam FC5 & 11mm
Old English Game Bantam (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Stephani’s Green-wing(Brown-backed)Emera 5.5mm
Common Bronzewing Pigeon 7mm
Brush Bronzewing Pigeon 7mm
Australian Crested Pigeon 7mm
White-bellied Plumed Pigeon 7mm
Zebra Dove 4mm
Peaceful Dove 4mm
Bar- Shouldered Dove 6mm
Mourning Dove 5.5mm
Grayson’s Dove 6mm
Eared Dove 5.5mm
Martinique Dove 6mm
Galapagos Dove 5.5mm
White-winged Dove 6mm
Scaley-brested Ground Dove 4mm
Pygmy Ground Dove 4mm
Buckley’s Ground Dove 4mm
Ruddy Ground Dove 4mm
Picui Dove 4mm
Gold-billed Ground Dove 4mm
Blue Ground Dove 5.5mm
Bare-faced Ground Dove 4mm
Inca Dove 4mm
Scaly Dove 4mm
White-fronted Dove 6mm
Grey-headed Dove 6mm
White-bellied Dove 6mm
Grey-faced Quail Dove 7mm
Mountain Witch Dove 7mm
Key West Quail Dove 6mm
Bridled Quail Dove 7mm
Ruddy Quail Dove 6mm
Nicobar Pigeon 10mm
Bartlett’s Bleeding- Heart 7mm
Golden Heart 6mm
Celebes Quail Dove 7mm
White-breasted Ground Dove 6mm
Pheasant Pigeon 10mm
Blue Crowned Pigeon 18mm
Maroon-breasted Ground Pigeon 18mm
Celestial Parrotlet M
Eurasion Robin D
Nightingale E
Fieldfare M
Skylark G
Bee Eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Red Turtle Dove L & 4mm
Avadavat Red E
Babbler Arabian FC1
Babbler White Brown
Bachman’s Sparrow
Bantam Ancona (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Andalusian (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Araucana (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Asil (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Australorp (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Barnevelder (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Belgian D’Anvers (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam Belgian (Donvair) FC4
Bantam Belgian D’Uccle (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Belgian (Ducal) FC4
Bantam Belgian Watermael (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam Booted (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Brahma (M) 18mm & (F) 16mm
Bantam Croad Langshan (M) 16mm & (F) 16mm
Bantam Dorking (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Dutch (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam Faverolles (M) 16mm & (F) 16mm
Bantam Frizzle (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam German Langshan (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Hamburgh (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Houdan (M) 16mm & (F) 16mm
Bantam Indian & Jubilee (M) 16mm & (F) 16mm
Bantam Japanese (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Kraienkoppe (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Leghorn (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Malay (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Bantam Marans (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Minorca (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Modern Game (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam Nankin (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam New Hampshire Red (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Old Dutch FC4
Bantam Old English Game (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Orpington (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Pekin FC5 & (M) 16 & (F) 16
Bantam Plymouth Rock (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Poland (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Rhode Island Red (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Rosecomb (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam Rumpless Game (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Scots Dumpy (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Scots Grey (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Sebright (M) 11mm & (F) 10mm
Bantam Silies FC7
Bantam Silkie (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Spanish (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Sumatra Game (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Sussex (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Trans, Naked Neck (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Tuzo (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Vorwerk (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Bantam Welsummer (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Wyandotte-coloured (M) 15mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Wyandotte-white (M) 16mm & (F) 13mm
Bantam Yokohama (M) 13mm & (F) 11mm
Hedge Sparrow E
Golden Song Sparrow E
Chestnut-backed Thrush L
Common Peacock Z & FC10
Duck Tufted 9mm
Snowy-crowned Robin chat L
Port Lincoln Parakeet P
Bearded Tit E
Great Tit E
Black Redstart C
Grey Wagtail C
Pied Wagtail C
Marsh Warbler C
Meadow Pipit C
Savl’s Warbler C
Yellow Wagtail C
Greater Whitethroat D
Cetti’s Warbler D
Stonechat D
Whinchat G
Tree Sparrow D
Tree Pipit D
Shorelark D
Sedge Warbler D
Reed Warbler D
Grasshopper Warbler D
Blackcap E
Garden Warbler E
House Sparrow E
Wheateater E
Rock Pipit E
Woodlark G
Wryneck G
Crossbill J
Red-backed Shrike J
Ringed Plover J
Lesser-spotted Woodpecker J
Mistle Thrush M
Greater-spotted Woodpecker K
Golden Oriole M
Ring Ouzel M
Merlin (Male) P
Lapwing P
Sparrowhawk (Male) P
Merlin (Female) R
Sparrowhawk (Female) R
Hen Harrier (Male) R
Hen Harrier (Female) U
Stone Curlew R
Rock Dove R
Montagu’s Harrier S
Chough S
Marsh Harrier U
Rook U
Hooded Crow U
Blue-billed Mannikin C
Bantam Derbyshire Y & FC8
Maned Goose FC5
Red-breasted Goose FC6
Treeduck FC3
Merganser FC6
Smew FC6
Hottentot FC2
American Flying Tumbler Pigeon 7mm
Arabian Trumpeter Pigeon 7mm
Flying Baldhead Pigeon 7mm
Breslauer Pigeon 7mm
Brunner Pouter Pigeon 7mm
Catalonian Tumbler Pigeon 7mm
Figurita Pigeon 7mm
German Nun Pigeon 7mm
Gumbinner Pigeon 7mm
Hamburg Sticken Pigeon 7mm
Helmet Pigeon 7mm
Italian Owl Pigeon 7mm
Starling Pigeon 7mm
Hyacinth Pigeon 7mm
Laugher Pigeon 7mm
Nuremberg Lark Pigeon 7mm
Polish Owl Pigeon 7mm
Portugese Tumbler Pigeon 7mm
Performing Roller Pigeon 7mm
Polish Murzyn Pigeon 7mm
Sroka Pigeon 7mm
Rzhev Pigeon 7mm
Startail Pigeon 7mm
Syrian Turbiteen Pigeon 7mm
Taganroger Pigeon 7mm
Vienna Medium-faced Pigeon 7mm
Zitterhall Pigeon 7mm
African Owl Pigeon 8mm
Miniature American Crest Pigeon 8mm
Ancient Pigeon 8mm
Aachen Laquer Shield Owl Pigeon 8mm
Baku Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Berlin Longface Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Bernhardiner Pigeon 8mm
Old Dutch Pigeon 8mm
Chinese Nasal Tuft Pigeon 8mm
Shield Cropper Pigeon 8mm
Norwich Cropper Pigeon 8mm
Domestic Show Flight Pigeon 8mm
Donek Pigeon 8mm
Dutch Highflyer Pigeon 8mm
Purzler Pigeon 8mm
English Nun Pigeon 8mm
LFCL Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Komorner Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Koros Tumbler Pigeon 8mm
Macedonian Turbit Pigeon 8mm
Old German Owl Pigeon 8mm
Show Roller Pigeon 8mm
Bohemiam Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Hessian Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Swing Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Spanish Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Silesian Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Thuringer Pouter Pigeon 8mm
Czech Ice Pouter 8mm
Show Type Racing Pigeon 8mm
Racing Homer Pigeon 8mm
Ringbeater Pigeon 8mm
Schecken Pigeon 8mm
Show Tippler Pigeon 8mm
Spanish Barb Pigeon 8mm
Syrian Fantail Pigeon 8mm
South German Priest Pigeon 8mm
Temeschberg Pigeon 8mm
Franconian Velvet Shield Pigeon 8mm
Thuringer Colour Pigeon 8mm
Ukranian Skycutter Pigeon 8mm
Voorburg Cropper Pigeon 8mm
Berlin Shortface Tumbler Pigeon 9mm
Shaksharli Pigeon 9mm
Coburg Lark Pigeon 9mm
English Owl Pigeon 9mm
Czech Bagdad Pigeon 9mm
Dewlap Pigeon 9mm
Exhibition Homer Pigeon 9mm
Lebanon Pigeon 9mm
Maltese Pigeon 9mm
Antwerp Show Pigeon 9mm
Old German Cropper Pigeon 9mm
Uzbek Pigeon 9mm
Goldkragen Pigeon 9mm
Seraphim Pigeon 9mm
Classic Old Frill Pigeon 9mm
American Show King Pigeon 10mm
Utility King Pigeon 10mm
Florentine Pigeon 10mm
Hungarian Pouter Pigeon 10mm
Moorhead Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Texan Pioneer Pigeon 10mm
Royal Snow Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Kazaner Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Volga Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
North Caucasion Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Persion Roller Pigeon 10mm
French Bagdad Pigeon 10mm
Syrian Coop Tumbler Pigeon 10mm
Royal Seljuk Pigeon 10mm
Rostower Pigeon 10mm
Eurasian Jay P
Barbet Blue-Cheek
Barrow’s Goldeneye V
Bat Brachyphylla Cavernarum
Bat Brown Long Eared
Egyptian Fruit Bat FC2
Bat Myotis
Bat Vampire
Bee Eater european 2.4 & 4mm
Bi-Coloured Antbird
Bishops (Orange Weaver) G
Bittern Least FC2
Black Cap: British Bird G
BlackBird Red wing
BlackBird Red Winged
BlackBird Yellow Headed
BlueBird Eastern
BlueBird fairy
BlueBird Western
Rothschild Mynah N
Golden Pheasant 10mm
Grey Peacock 10mm
Lady Amherst’s Pheasant 12mm
White-crested Kalijs 12mm
Temmincks Tragopan 14mm
Stanley Rosella M
Crossbill Finch J
Crossbill Small American G
Pagoda Starling K
Rock Eagle Owl Y
Great Curassow 16mm
Common Crow S
Duck Mandarin 9mm
Ring-neck Pheasant 12.7mm
White Pheasant 12.7mm
Wren Cactus
Woodpecker North American
Woodpecker Downy
Woodcreeper Brown
Whydah Paradise J
White Headed Stiff-tail V
Wheatear G
Java Rice Bird K
Rock Owl X
Black Masked Conure P
Zosterops (Japanese White-eye)
Felegyhazer Tumbler Pigeon 7.05mm
Serinus Canaria G
Common Guan R
Mottled Owl V
Vermiculated Fishing Owl W
Black-banded Owl V
Shagga Pheasant 14mm
Common Pheasant 12.7mm
Poultry Maltese Black 16mm
Red-bearded Bee-eater FC1
Blue-bearded Bee-eater FC1
Purple-bearded Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Little Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Green Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
White-throated Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-tailed Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Black Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-headed Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Red-throated Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
White-fronted Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-breasted Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Black-headed Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Somali Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-throated Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Olive Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Rainbow Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
European Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Chestnut-headed Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Rosy Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Northern Carmine Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Southern Carmine Bee-eater 2.4mm & 4mm
Poultry Faverolles 11mm
Timbrado Canary G
Llarguet Canary G
Giboso Canary (Roller) G
Japanese White-eye
Chinese Goose FC10 & 22mm
Toulouse Goose FC10 & 22mm
Iranian High Flyer 8mm
Dimorphic Canary G
Californian Quail 6mm
Pineapple green cheeked conure N
Common White Dove 7mm
Indian Shama L
Common Kestrel S
African Ring necked Parakeet S
Barn Swallow D
Pigeon Fairy-swallow T & 9mm
Magpie Goose 20mm
Duck Spotted Whistling 11mm
Duck Eytons Whistling 11mm
Duck Plumed Whistling 11mm
Duck East Indian Wandering Whistling 11mm
Duck Australian Wandering Whistling 12mm
Duck Lesser Wandering Whistling 10mm
Duck White-faced Whistling 11mm
Duck Northern Red-billed Whistling 12mm
Duck Southern Red-billed Whistling 12mm
Coscoroba Swan 20mm
Black-necked Swan 20mm
Whistling Swan 24mm
Bewick’s Swan 24mm
Eastern Bewick’s or Jankowski’s Swan 24mm
Whooper Swan Zb
Trumpeter Swan Zb
Swan Goose (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Western or Yellow-billed Bean Goose (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Johansen’s Bean Goose (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Middendorf’s Bean Goose (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Kentish Plover E
Satyr Tragopan 14mm
Blyth’s Tragopan 14mm
Raza Canary E
Prothonotary Warbler 2.1mm
Kookabura S
Common Tern 4mm
Roseate Tern 4mm
Cookaburra T
Russian Bean goose (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Thick-billed or Eastern Bean Goose (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Pink-footed Goose 16mm
European White-fronted Goose 16mm
Pacific White-fronted Goose 16mm
Greenland White-fronted Goose 16mm
Tule Goose 18mm
Western Greylag Goose 20mm
Eastern Greylag Goose 20mm
Bar-headed Goose 14mm
Emperor Goose 18mm
Lesser Snow and Blue Goose 16mm
Greater Snow Goose 18mm
Ross’s Goose 13mm
Atlantic Canada Goose 20mm
Central or Todd’s Canada Goose 18mm
Great Basin or Moffitt’s Canada Goose 18mm
Giant Canada Goose 20mm
Lesser Canada Goose 16mm
Taverner’s Canada Goose 16mm
Dusky Canada Goose 16mm
Vancouver Canada Goose 18mm
Aleutian Canada Goose 13mm
Richardson’s Canada Goose 13mm
Cackling Canada Goose 13mm
Bering Canada Goose 13mm
Hawaiian Goose or Ne-ne 16mm
Barnacle Goose 16mm
Russian or Dark-bellied Brent Goose 14mm
Atlantic or Light-bellied Brent Goose 14mm
Lawrence’s Brent Goose 14mm
Pacific Brent Goose or Black Brant 14mm
Ruddy Shelduck 13mm
Paradise or New Zealand Shelduck 14mm
Black-backed Radjah Shelduck 12mm
Red-backed Radjah Shelduck 12mm
Common Shelduck 13mm
Egyptian Goose 13mm
Orinoco Goose 13mm
Abyssinian Blue-winged Goose 13mm
Andean Goose 16mm & 20mm
Ashy-headed Goose 14mm & 16mm
Ruddy-headed Goose (M) 16mm & (F) 18mm
Upland or Lesser Magellan Goose (M) 18mm & (F) 16mm
Falkland Upland or Greater Magellan Goos 20mm
Patagonian or Lesser Kelp Goose 16mm
Falkland or Greater Kelp Goose (M) 16mm & (F) 18mm
Cereopsis or Cape Barren Goose 20mm
Duck Patagonian Crested 13mm
Duck Salvadori’s 10mm
Marbled Teal 8mm
Cape Teal 9mm
Northern Versicolor Teal 9mm
Southern Versicolor Teal 9mm
Puna Teal 9mm
Red-billed Pintail 9mm
Lesser or Northern Bahama Pintail 9mm
Greater or Southern Bahama Pintail 9mm
Southern Georgian Teal 9mm
Niceforo’s Pintail 9mm
Northern Pintail 11mm
Crozet Pintail 9mm
Chilean Teal 9mm
Sharp-winged Teal 8mm
Andean Teal 8mm
Merida Teal 8mm
European Green-winged Teal 7mm
Aleutian Teal 7mm
American Green-winged Teal 7mm
Baikal or Formosa Teal 8mm
Falcated Teal 10mm
East Indian Grey Teal 8mm
Rennell Island Grey Teal 8mm
Australian Grey Teal 8mm
Andaman Teal 11mm
Chestnut Teal 10mm
Auckland Island Teal 11mm
Campbell Island Teal 11mm
New Zealand Brown Teal 11mm
Duck Florida 11mm
Duck Mexican 11mm
Duck North American Black 11mm
Laysan Teal 9mm
Duck New Zealand Grey 11mm
Duck Pelew Island Grey 10mm
Duck Philippine 11mm
Duck Meller’s 10mm
Duck European Wigeon 9mm
Duck American Wigeon 9mm
Duck Chiloe Wigeon 11mm
Prairie Blue-winged Teal 8mm
Atlantic Blue-winged Teal 8mm
Argentine Cinnamon Teal 8mm
Andean Cinnamon Teal 8mm
Borrero’s Cinnamon Teal 8mm
Tropical Cinnamon Teal 8mm
Northern Cinnamon Teal 8mm
Garganey 7mm
Argentine Red Shoveler 10mm
Cape or South African Shoveler 10mm
Australian Shoveler 10mm
New Zealand Shoveler 10mm
Common Shoveler 10mm
Duck Blue or Mountain 11mm
Duck Pink-eared 9mm
Duck Pink-headed 11mm
Duck Freckled 11mm
Duck Pacific Eider 14mm
Duck Northern Eider 13mm
Duck Steller’s Eider 10mm
Red-crested Pochard 11mm
Rosybill 12mm
South American Pochard 11mm
African Pochard 11mm
Canvasback 12mm
European Pochard 11mm
Redhead 11mm
Madagascar White-eye 10mm
Duck Common White-eye or Ferruginous 10mm
Australian White-eye or Hardhead 11mm
Banks Island White-eye 11mm
New Zealand Scaup or Black Teal 11mm
Duck Ring-necked 10mm
Duck Tufted 9mm
Lesser Scaup 9mm
European Scaup 10mm
Pacific Greater Scaup 11mm
Lesser Brazilian Teal 8mm
Greater Brazilian or Schuyl’s Teal 11mm
Australian Wood Duck or Maned Goose 11mm
Mandarin 9mm
Carolina 9mm
African Pygmy Goose 7mm
Green Pygmy Goose 7mm
Indian Pygmy Goose or Cotton Teal 7mm
Australian Pygmy Goose 8mm
Duck Comb (M) 16mm & (F) 14mm
Duck South American Comb 16mm
Duck Western Hartlaub’s 11mm
Duck Eastern Hartlaub’s 11mm
Duck White-winged Wood (M) 16mm & (F) 14mm
Duck Wild Muscovy (M) 20mm & (F) 18mm
Spur-winged Goose 20mm
Black Spur-winged Goose 20mm
Common or Black Scoter 13mm
American Black Scoter 13mm
Surf Scoter 11mm
Velvet or European White-winged Scot 11mm
Asiatic White-winged Scoter 11mm
Pacific White-winged Scoter 11mm
American White-winged Scoter 11mm
Duck Atlantic Harlequin 11mm
Pacific or Western Harlequin Duck 11mm
Long-tailed Duck or Old Squaw 9mm
Barrow’s Goldeneye 11mm
European Goldeneye 11mm
American Goldeneye 11mm
Bufflehead 8mm
Smew 9mm
Hooded Merganser 10mm
Brazilian Merganser 10mm
Red-breasted Merganser 12mm
Greenland Merganser 12mm
Chinese or Scaly-sided Merganser 12mm
Goosander 13mm
Asiatic Goosander 13mm
American Merganser 13mm
Duck Masked 10mm
White-headed Stiff-tail 9mm
Duck North American Ruddy 9mm
Duck Colombian Ruddy 9mm
Duck Peruvian Ruddy 9mm
Duck Argentine Ruddy 9mm
Duck Australian Blue-billed 10mm
Duck African Maccoa 10mm
Duck Musk 16mm
Duck African White-backed 10mm
Duck Madagascar White-backed 10mm
Duck Black-headed 10mm
Bearded Tree Quail 9mm
Long-tailed Tree Quail 9mm
Buffy-crowned Tree Quail 9mm
Scaled Quail 6mm
Mountain Quail 7mm
Gambel’s Quail 6mm
Elegant Quail (M) 6mm & (F) 5mm
Banded Quail 6mm
Northern Bobwhite 6mm
Black-throated Quail 6mm
Crested Bobwhite 5mm
Siamese Fireback Pheasant 12mm
Shelduck FC8 & 16mm
Varied Lorikeet Ma
Exhibition Budgerigar M
Minature Budgerigar L

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