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Canaries & Finches
Ring Sizes


Species Ring Size
Antwerp Roller Canary G
Belgian Fancy Canary E
Belgian Roller Canary G
Border Canary J
Bossu Canary J
Crested Canary J
Dutch Frills Canary J
Fife Canary (Wegen) E
Florin Frill Canary J
German Roller Canary E
Gloster Canary (Consort) E
Gloster Canary (Corona) E
Hart Mountain Canary G
Harz Roller Canary G
Irish Fancy Canary E
Lancashire Canary J
Lizard Canary G
Malindis Canary G
Miniature Canary E
New Colour Canary G
North Dutch Frill Canary J
Norwich Canary J
Parisian Frill Canary J
Plainhead Canary J
Red Factor Canary G
Roller Canary G
Satinettes Canary G
Scotch Fancy Canary E
Scottish Canary J
Stafford Canary G
Wassershlager Canary G
Waterlager Canary G
Yorkshire Canary J
Japenese Hoso canary E
Serinus Canaria G
Timbrado Canary G
Llarguet Canary G
Giboso Canary (Roller) G
Dimorphic Canary G
Raza Canary E
Species Ring Size
Finch African Firefinch C
Finch African Silverbill C
Finch Alario E
Finch American Goldfinch C
Finch American Purple E
Finch Aurora C
Finch Austrian Beautiful C
Finch Bamboo Parrot C
Finch Bell Vireos C
Finch Bengalese (or Society) E
Finch Bicheno A
Finch Billed Bulbul K
Finch Chaffinch Blue
Finch Cherry C
Finch Chestnut M
Finch Chestnut Breasted D
Finch Chestnut Crested D
Finch Chinese Greenfinch E
Finch Combassous C
Finch Cordon Bleu B
Finch Crimson Pileated B
Finch Cuban B
Finch Cut Throat or Bishops C
Finch Darwins
Finch Darwins
Finch Double-barred A
Finch Diamond Firetail E
Finch Fire C
Finch Galpagos Tool-using
Finch Gold-breasted A
Finch Gouldian C
Finch Grass D
Finch Green Himalayan E
Finch Green Singing C
Finch Green-winged Pytila C
Finch Grenadier
Finch Grey Singing C
Finch Hecks Grassfinch C
Finch Himalayan Greenfinch E
Finch House (American) C
Finch Hulfinch J
Finch Jackarini C
Finch Japanese Hawfinch N
Finch Lady Wilson or Mr’s Wilson
Finch Lavender B
Finch Locust
Finch long-tailed Grassfinch C
Finch Luncos Cardina
Finch Mascot Finch or Common Spice Bird C
Finch Masked Grassfinch D
Finch Masked Hawfinch Chinese M
Finch Masked Hawfinch Japanese N
Finch Melba C
Finch Mexican House G
Finch Mexican Rose C
Finch Hooded Siskin C
Finch Munia (Family)
Finch New Zealand Rifleman
Finch Nutmeg or Spice C
Finch Orange Breast C
Finch Orange-cheeked A
Finch Painted C
Finch Pallas’ Rose G
Finch Parrot C
Finch Parson C
Finch Pectoralis E
Finch Pintailed Parrot C
Finch Plum-headed E
Finch Purple C
Finch Pytilia Green C
Finch Pytilia Red G
Finch Pytilia Red-winged (or Aurora) C
Finch Quail
Finch Quelea or Red-billed Weaver
Finch Red-headed Weaver
Finch Red-billed Weaver
Finch Red-headed Parrot D
Finch Rice
Finch Saffron G
Finch Silverbill C
Finch Indian Silverbill C
Finch Sparrow Diamond E
Finch Splendour C
Finch Star C
Finch Strawberry C
Finch Avadavat C
Finch Tiger C
Finch Yellow-rump Mannikin C
Finch Yellow-rumped D
Finch Zebra E
Finch Waxbill B
Finch Siberian E
Finch Hawfinch British K
Finch Hawfinch Chinese Masked M
Finch Hawfinch Japanese Masked N
Bullfinch (Siberian) G
Brambling C
Linnet C
Java Sparrow K
Venezulian Red Hooded Siskin C
Serin C
Owl Finch A
Parrot Crossbill Finch J
Magpie Mannikin E
Bishops (Orange Weaver) G
Crossbill Small American G
Java Rice Bird K
Species Ring Size
Goldcrest A
Bishops (Orange Weaverbird) G
Weaver Cape G
Weaver Napoleon C
Redstart C
Yellow Hammer D
Firecrest A
Tree Creeper A
Pied Flycatcher B
Spotted Flycatcher B
Lesser Whitethroat C
Pekin Robin J
Corn Bunting J
Chinese Bulbul B
Red-eared Bulbul K
Red-vented Bulbul L
White-vented Bulbul J
Red-eyed Bulbul J
Red-whiskered Bulbul K
Cirl Bunting D
Indigo Buntiing E
Lapland Bunting E
Lazuli Bunting G
Indigo Bunting E
Painted Bunting E
Red-headed Bunting G
Snow Bunting G
Orange-cheeked Waxbill A
Red-eared Waxbill A
Gold-breasted Waxbill A
Cordon Bleu B
Lavender Finch B
Fire Finch B
Accentor Alpine Dunnock G
Accentor Siberian G
Eurasion Robin D
Nightingale E
Fieldfare M
Skylark G
Bee Eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Avadavat Red E
Babbler Arabian
Babbler White Brown
Bachman’s Sparrow
Hedge Sparrow E
Golden Song Sparrow E
Snowy-crowned Robin chat L
Black Redstart C
Grey Wagtail C
Pied Wagtail C
Meadow Pipit C
Yellow Wagtail C
Greater Whitethroat D
Stonechat D
Whinchat G
Tree Sparrow D
Tree Pipit D
Shorelark D
Blackcap E
Wheateater E
Rock Pipit E
Woodlark G
Wryneck G
Crossbill J
Ringed Plover J
Golden Oriole M
Ring Ouzel M
Rook U
Blue-billed Mannikin C
Barbet Blue-Cheek
Bee Eater european 2.4 & 4mm
Bi-Coloured Antbird
BlackBird Red wing
BlackBird Red Winged
BlackBird Yellow Headed
BlueBird Eastern
BlueBird fairy
Rothschild Mynah N
Crossbill Finch J
Whydah Paradise J
Wheatear G
Zosterops (Japanese White-eye)
Red-bearded Bee-eater
Blue-bearded Bee-eater
Purple-bearded Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Little Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Green Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
White-throated Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-tailed Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Black Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-headed Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Red-throated Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
White-fronted Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-breasted Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Black-headed Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Somali Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
2.4mm & 4mm
Blue-throated Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Olive Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Rainbow Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
European Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Chestnut-headed Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Rosy Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Northern Carmine Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Southern Carmine Bee-eater
2.4mm & 4mm
Japanese White-eye
Barn Swallow D &
Pigeon Fairy-swallow T & 9mm
Prothonotary Warbler 2.1mm


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