Ring Sizes


Species Ring Size
African Grey Parrot V
Black Parrot V
Blue-naped Parrot T
Brown Parrot R
Brown-headed Parrot R
Brown-necked Parrot V
Cape Parrot U
Congo African Grey V
Great-billed Parrot V
Greater Vasa Parrot W
Hawk-headed Parrot U
Jardine’s Parrot T
Lesser Vasa Parrot V
Meyer’s Parrot R
Pesquet’s Parrot W
Red-bellied Parrot R
Red-capped Parrot S (Amazon)
Rock Pebbler R
Ruppell’s Parrot R
Senegal Parrot R
Swift Parrot M
Thick-billed Parrot U
Timneh African Grey U
Cape Parrot. U
Blue Quaker Parrot P
Sierra Parakeet L
Stella’s Lorikeet P
Red-flanked lory M
Greater Patagonian Conure T
Tasman Rosella P
Grass Parakeets L
Port Lincoln Parakeet P
Stanley Rosella M
Black Masked Conure P
Pineapple green cheeked conure N
African Ring necked Parakeet S
Varied Lorikeet Ma
Hanging Parrot
Species Ring Size
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot L
Green Hanging Parrot L
Green-fronted Hanging Parrot L
Indian Hanging Parrot L
Malaysian Hanging Parrot L
Moluccan Hanging Parrot L
Orange-fronted Hanging Parrot L
Papuan Lorikeet (Stella’s) 5.5mm
Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot M
Species Ring Size
Blue & Gold Macaw W
Blue-headed Macaw U
Blue-throated Macaw W
Buffons Macaw X
Caninde Macaw W
Catalina Macaw W
Great Green Macaw X & Y
Green-winged Macaw X
Hahns Macaw S
Harlequin Macaw W
Hyacinth Macaw Y
Illiger’s Macaw T
Military Macaw W
Noble’s Macaw S & 8mm
Red-bellied Macaw T
Red-fronted Macaw V
Red-shouldered Macaw S
Scarlet Macaw W
Severe Macaw V
Wagler’s Macaw W
Yellow-collared Macaw U
Yellow-naped Macaw T
Mexican Green Macaw W
Species Ring Size
Alexandra’s Parakeet P
Alexandrine Parakeet T
Antipodes Parakeet M
Aymara Parakeet L
Barnard’s Parakeet P
Barraband Parakeet P
Barred Parakeet M
Blossom-headed Parakeet R
Blue-winged Grass Parakeet L
Blue-winged Parakeet L
Bourkes Parakeet L
Canary-winged Parakeet M
Cloncurry Parakeet P
Cobalt-winged Parakeet N
Crimson-winged Parakeet R
Derbyan Parakeet T
Elegant Parakeet L
Grey-cheeked Parakeet M
Grey-hooded Parakeet L
Hooded Parrot M
Horned Parakeet P
Indian Ringneck Parakeet S
Kakariki M
Lineolated Parakeet M
Malabar Parakeet S
Monk Parakeet P
Mountain Parakeet K
Moustached Parakeet S
Mulga Parrot M
Plum-headed Parakeet R
Ring-neck Australian Parrot P
Princess of Wales Parakeet P
Quaker Parakeet P
Red-rumped Parrot M
Ring-necked Parakeet S
Rose-ringed Parakeet S
Shell Parakeet M
Slaty-headed Parakeet P
Splendid Grass Parakeet L
Turquoisine Parakeet L
Twenty-eight Parakeet P
White-winged Parakeet N
Yellow-fronted Parakeet M
Blue-bonnet Parakeet N
Pileated Parakeet N
Andaman Island Parakeet S
Lutino Ring-necked Parakeet S
Blue Ring-necked Parakeet S
Species Ring Size
Blue-rumped Parrotlet L
Blue-winged Parrotlet L
Common Parrotlet L
Green-rumped Parrotlet L
Mexican Parrotlet L
Spectacled Parrotlet L
Pacific Parrotlet M
Celestial Parrotlet M


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