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Ring Sizes

Birds of Prey
Species Ring Size
Buzzard Black Honey V
Buzzard Common W
Buzzard Honey V
Buzzard Long-legged W
Buzzard Red-tailed X
Buzzard Rough-legged W
Eagle Black or Verreaux’s Z – Za
Eagle Golden Za
Eagle Owl Z
Eagle Owl European Z
Eagle Steppe Z
Eagle Tawny Z
Eagle White-tailed Sea Zb & 26mm
Falcon Barbary (Male) V
Falcon Barbary (Female) W
Falcon Brown 9.5mm
Falcon Gyr (Male) W
Falcon Gyr (Female) X
Falcon Hobby Hawk (Male) R
Falcon Hobby Hawk (Female) S
Falcon Lanner W
Falcon Lugger W
Falcon New Zealand (Male) U
Falcon New Zealand (Female) V
Falcon Peregrine (Male) V
Falcon Peregrine (Female) W
Falcon Prarie W
Falcon Saker or Arabian W
Falcon Sooty (Male) R
Falcon Sooty (Female) S
Goshawk (Male) V
Goshawk (Female) W
Bald Eagle
(M) Za & (F) Za
Harris Hawk W
Bonnelli Eagle (Male) Y
Bonnelli Eagle (Female) Z
Aplomado Falcon (Male) T
Aplomado Falcon (Female) U
American Kestrel R
African Goshawk U
Coopers Hawk U
European Kestrel S
Merlin (Male) P
Lapwing P
Sparrowhawk (Male) P
Merlin (Female) R
Sparrowhawk (Female) R
Hen Harrier (Male) R
Hen Harrier (Female) U
Montagu’s Harrier S
Marsh Harrier U
Common Kestrel S
Species Ring Size
Black Eagle Z & Za
Golden Eagle Za
Steppe Eagle Z
White-tailed Sea Eagle Zb
Species Ring Size
Ferruginous Hawk X & Y
Harris Hawk W
Red-tailed Hawk (M) X & (F) Y
Species Ring Size
Gyr Falcon (M) W & (F) X
Lanner Falcon W
Saker Falcon W
Peregrine Falcon
(M) V & (F) W
Greater Kestrel S
Alti Saker Falcon W


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