Ring Sizes

Species Ring Size
African Wood Owl (including East) V
Asian Brown Wood Owl X
Boobook Owl V
Burrowing Owl T
Collared Scops Owl T
Ferruginous Pygmy Owl R
Great Grey Owl X
Hawk Owl V
Indian Scops Owl S
Little Owl R
Long-eared Owl U
Mexican Striped Owl Y
Northern Hawk Owl V
Rufous Legged Owl W
Short-eared Owl U
Snowy Owl Z
Spectacled Owl X
Striped Owl (including Peruvian) W
Tawny Owl U
Tropical Screech Owl S
Ural Owl X
Western Screech Owl U
White Faced Scops Owl T
Ashey-faced Barn Owl V
Eurasian Pigmy Owl R
Eurasian Scops Owl R
Pearl Spotted Owl R
Rusty Barred Owl V
Great Grey Owl. X
Magellanic Owl Z
Canadian Great Horned Owl Z
Striated Scops Owl S
Malaysian Fishing Owl X
Malaysian Wood Owl X
Great Horned Owl Z
Makinders Eagle Owl X
Marsh Owl U
Pallid Scops Owl S
Tengmans Owl T
Oriental Bay Owl V
African Barn Owl U
African Grass Owl X
African Marsh Owl U
Aharoni’s Eagle Owl Y
American Barn Owl V
Asian Barred Owl S
Barred Owl W
Bay Owl W
Brown Fish Owl X
Brown Hawk Owl V
Buffy Fish Owl X
Chaco Owl W
Greyish Eagle Owl W
Lapland Owl X
Mackinder’s Eagle Owl X
Ptilopsis leucotis T
N & S White-faced Owl T
Saw-whet Owl S
Sunda Scops Owl S
Rock Eagle Owl Y
Rock Owl X
Mottled Owl V
Vermiculated Fishing Owl W
Black-banded Owl V
Owl Eagle
Species Ring Size
Bengal Eagle Owl X
Indian (formerly Bengal) Eagle Owl Y
Northern Eagle Owl Z
Siberian Eagle Owl (including East) Z
African Spotted Eagle Owl W
Eurasian Eagle Owl Z
Chinese Eurasian Eagle Owl Z
Milky Eagle Owl Z
Pharaoh Eagle Owl Y
Eagle Owl Z
Turkmenian Eagle Owl Z

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